Thisisrc.com interview with Marcus

    THISISRC: Today we have a very special interview with Marcus
 Gelhard, the man behind some of the best R/C videos on the web
 today. At thisisrc.com we are
 cinematographers by trade and we can really appreciate the
 skill, passion and dedication it takes to make great videos.
 Thank you Marcus for taking time to chat […]

  • 2012-scotty-ernst-2

    Thisisrc.com Interview with Scotty Ernst

    THISISRC: ThisisRC.com has a very special interview with Scotty Ernst, the man behind the mic at all the major R/C Racing events around the world. Check out any of the recent IFMAR world championship videos and no doubt you will hear Scotty’s voice giving the blow-by-blow during the races. Scotty has also become a well […]

  • 2012-Dakotah-Phend

    Thisisrc.com interview with Dakotah Phend

    THISISRC: Today we have a great interview with one of the rising stars of the off-road racing scene Dakotah Phend. Dakotah is currently one of TLR’s hot drivers and has been making his presence felt at the races he attends. Don’t let Dakotah young age fool you, he has gained more wheel time than most […]

  • 2012-Keven-Hebert

    Thisisrc.com Interview with Keven Hebert

    THISISRC: One of the rising stars of the current R/C scene, Keven Hebert from Team Associated. Keven is leading the North American charge for the company in the on-road electric scene. Residing in Quebec Canada, Keven will be one to look out for at this year’s IFMAR WORLDS. KEVEN: Thank you ! THISISRC: How did […]

  • 2012-marc-fisher6

    Thisisrc.com interview with Marc Fisher

    THISISRC: Today we have a very special interview with Marc Fisher, Team Serpent driver and recent winner of the FF class at the 2012 TITC. Marc has been competing around the world and is a regular in the A-main at the major European on-road electric races, currently the most competitive on-road races on the global […]

  • 2012-mark-pavidis

    Thisisrc.com interview with Mark Pavidis

    THISISRC: The R/C industry is made up of many individuals. There are the influencers (pro racers), the innovators (designers and manufactures) and the legends (IFMAR world champions). Our special interviewee is one of the few in the industry that fall into all there categories. Multiple IFMAR, ROAR and NORRCA champion and one of the major […]

  • 2012-Rick-Hohwart

    Thisisrc.com interview with Rick Hohwart

    THISISRC: Today we have an interview with Team Associated driver Rick Hohwart. Rick is one of the true veterans of the competitive R/C scene and has been racing at the highest level of the sport for many years. The man who started Peak Racing, Rick has seen the industry grow and develop into the R/C […]

  • 2012-Joseph-Quagraine

    Thisisrc.com interview with Joseph Quagraine

    THISISRC: In the 1:8 GP Buggy world one manufacturer has set itself apart by developing a kit known as “THE Car.” A true success story, JQ Products has made reality what many of us dream of, making your own RC Chassis and racing it at the highest level of racing around the world. Today we […]

  • 2012-robert-pinitch

    Thisisrc.com interview with Robert Pietsch

    THISISRC: Today we have a very special interview with IFMAR WORLD champion and car designer the extraordinary Robert Pietsch. In the demanding class of nitro on-road racing , Robert has emerged as the man to beat. Having designed successful chassis for both Mugen and Shepherd, Robert has become a very in-demand individual in the industry. […]

  • 2012-ryan-lutz

    Thisisrc.com interview with Ryan Lutz

      THISISRC: Today we have a interview with the one and only “Lutzinator” Ryan Lutz. Ryan is currently leading the Team Durango attack out of California. One of the best off-road racers in the very competitive California scene, Ryan will be making a very strong run at this year’s IFMAR 1:8 NITRO OFF-ROAD WORLDS. One […]